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We hope you'll join this amazing group of women, as an Angel Sponsor. Each of us can make a difference through the love of fashion and experience the thrill of helping others.  There is so much to gain by giving and by giving, you gain so much more.

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70% of all net proceeds from subscription revenue is contributed to our charitable giving program. The remaining 30% will go to help offset benefits given to the Angel Sponsors and to cover operational costs.   

Our Giving Program includes the highly rated 501(c)(3)'s below:

Dress for Success - Children's Dream Fund - Positive Spin Inc.​ - The Spring of Tampa Bay

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You're going to feel awesome about looking so good!


Frequently asked questions

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How do I become a Fashionista Angel?

Becoming a Fashionista Angel is easy and a great way to do some good while also reaping some significant rewards. Not only do you get the satisfaction of helping others as an Angel in Disguise through your subscription, you will also receive a discount on all Kit's Well Dressed merchandise. 

To become a Fashionista Angel, just join the club! You have so much to gain without having to sacrifice anything other than helping those in need!

How can I participate as a model or spokeswoman?

Kit's Well Dressed is excited to welcome you to become an Angel in Disguise! As part of this exclusive program, you will have the opportunity to showcase your creative styling while wearing merchandise purchased on Kit's Well Dressed site and also of you wearing the Florida Fashionista's signature branded merchandise. You will have the opportunity to be featured in our photo gallery and on all our social media sites. 

When submitting photos and videos of yourself all submissions will be assessed by our team for approval. 

Once approved, your chosen content will be featured on the Kit's Well Dressed official website. Don’t miss out on this great chance to show off your fashion sense and gain some visibility!